Christmas Cookies

Ok, just a quick post with pictures of my Christmas cookies. I wanted to post pics of my purchases this weekend but I had to finish icing these cookies last night and it didn't happen. I didn't even take real pictures so you have to deal with iPhone photos.

I saw these snowmen on Pinterest and knew I had to make them. Absolutely love them! It took a few to get the hang of it but I will definitely make them again.

Santa of course.

I ran out of white icing so my candy canes to be very Christmas inspired!

Ok, Braxton is currently asleep next to me (I'm writing this on Monday night btw.) and I need to get to sleep too before he wakes me up! Happy Tuesday Dolls! I'll give you my new purchases on Thursday...I promise!!

The recipes can be found here. Other pictures of my cookies can be found here and here


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