Christmas at a glance...

I'm going to do a more detailed Christmas re-cap later this week. Which will include food..of course! But for now, I wanted to give you a little peek at my holiday weekend.

You remember these two, right?!

Well this happened on Wednesday night!!

She has since removed the spoon ring but this was taken just seconds after it happened. I have known since Wednesday but we weren't allowed to say anything until they could tell all of his family on Christmas day. We are so excited to have Nik join our family. It's going to be so much fun helping my sister with her wedding!!

Now on to some of my favorite gifts. I think it would be obnoxious if I uploaded everything so I figure as I wear things I'll point them out to you.

My Sister and Nik got me the Toms and the AMAZING Vera Wang for Kohls slippers. They are so unbelievably warm and cozy!!

Mom and Dad hooked me up with a Kindle. I need to finish my current book so I can start reading on this bad boy!

Jenn knows me well! I almost bought that purple glitter last week.

The Monster Ball Tour on Blu-Ray. Again, the bestie knows what I like! She nearly ruined every gift I bought her. Seriously, that's what I get for buying her everything that she has been wanting. It was only a matter of time before she bought the things for herself!

What was your favorite gift this year? I hope you all had a great time with your friends and family. I could have used another day at home to relax and recover. But, c'est la vie. I am back to work today. Thankfully, I get to see my favorite Bobcats in Cleveland on Friday!! This will definitely help me get thru the work week!


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