Black Friday Purchases and OOTD

Finally, a few of the things I bought for myself on Black Friday. I could not resist these two items. (I also bought a pair of pajama pants and a tank top at J Crew. But, I'm currently wearing them and there is no way you're getting an OOTD style pic of me with my hair wet sans make-up and ready for bed.)

I could not pass up this Banana Republic blouse. I don't think the color translated very well because it's actually navy but it kind of looks black. They also had it in cream. The beading and pleating details are what sold me. BR had 50% off the entire store and I had an additional 15% coupon so I basically stole this shirt.

I told you yesterday that I have a thing for coats. This coat was $150 (outlet mall price) and I paid $63. Stupid, right?!?! I needed a coat with a hood. Well, at least that's what I told myself. My mom knows I can't resist a good coat, so I blame her for pointing this out to me. Plus, the lining is so freaking cute!

I wore the top on Tuesday.

Top: Banana Republic (outlet)
Skirt: J Crew (outlet)
Tights: Hue
Booties: Unlisted by Kenneth Cole
Watch: Anne Klein
Necklace: Macy's

I ordered something else for myself on Monday. It's hard to resist the Cyber Monday deals. I'll leave you in suspense until it arrives. But, I have to say after Black Friday and Cyber Monday I'm nearly done with my shopping! I have to pick up my sister's gift, I'm ordering Jenn's on Friday, I have to buy Zekey boy's gift and one exchange gift then I'm finished!! I'm ready to start wrapping. We need to figure out the color scheme for this year's gifts. Yes, we follow a theme so all of the presents look fabulous under the tree together. Seriously, would you expect anything less of me? Didn't think so.

Happy Thursday Dolls!



  1. That jacket is a great steal. Can't believe you guys coordinate wrapping paper...that's too cute.

  2. My mom has always had a "theme" under the tree. So, it seems weird to me to just buy random paper! Last year we had a silver and teal theme. haha!