Birthdays and Bridal Shower

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Mine was jammed full of celebrations. I have a feeling I'm going to be incredibly tired this week! As I mentioned on Friday, we celebrated Zeke and Addison's birthdays. Little Miss Diva was quite the entertainer! She was so excited for her 3rd birthday. She sang, danced and was just the life of the party. Zeke looked at her like she was a crazy person!

They love their leap pads! After they opened them, it was if we all disappeared. I'm sure it was a peaceful evening in their house!

On to my cookies for the bridal shower. My mom (being the awesome mom she is) baked the cookies for me so they were ready to go. She even put the glitter sash on all of the dresses for me. We had to make sure they were set before we could do the rest of the dress so that was a great help. She also did all of the starfish for me. I would have been working on them until the wee hours of the morning without that help. Here are the cookies in the various phases.

All of the decorating was done in royal icing except for the wedding dresses and the trim on the starfish. That was my lofthouse cookie icing. The dress skirts took FOREVER because it was the last thing I did and the icing kept getting warm and runny so I would have to put it back in the refrigerator every few dresses. I had icing all of my pants, down my sleeve and all over my hands. But, it was totally worth it. They were a huge hit! All of the recipes can be found here.

How fabulous is her cake?! It's totally Jess! The bottom layer was chocolate with raspberry filling and the top was lemon with raspberry filling. I went with the lemon. It was so delicious.

The cookie spread! I think they look great!

Fruit and cheese. You can't go wrong with that!

Delicious food! The shower was held at a Bed and Breakfast. It's set back in the woods and it is so nice! Such a pretty location for a shower.

I had a mimosa...or two! We went out Saturday night for a little bit. It was a great day with friends and family! 

I have some words for wisdom for you Ladies. I burnt nearly every taste bud off of my tongue on Thursday night. As if that didn't hurt enough. I ordered a pizza Saturday night, I requested no jalapenos. 1. I don't like them. 2. Even if I did, I knew they would hurt like hell with my already traumatized tongue. It was dark so I couldn't see well. Turns out, there were jalapenos on it. I'm pretty sure I lost another layer off of my tongue because of this. Thankfully, when we realized the problem they replaced my pizza but the damage was done. Ladies, learn from my mistake. Inspect your food thoroughly if you know you can't eat something! Drinking my morning coffee has been difficult today!

Happy Monday Dolls! I hope you all have a great week!



  1. Oh my goodness the cookies are adorable!! I've seen some like those on Pinterest but these are even better! What fun!

  2. Thank you!! We actually saw the dresses on Pinterest and that is where the inspiration came from!