They're Here....

Well, they have FINALLY arrived.  You're probably thinking what, what has finally arrived. Well....

As you can see I have been creeping on my Keurig website anxiously awaiting the day that Starbucks will release their K-cups. They are officially available in grocery stores. I plan to be on the look out for them in the upcoming days/weeks. I need a daily Sbux fix. Well, maybe I don't NEED it but I WANT it.

We've discussed my love for coffee and my obsession with the Keurig. It's seriously the greatest thing EVER. If I had this in college, I would have been over-caffeinated. I can only imagine how many K-cups I would have downed during those cold Ohio mornings.

If only I could get a skinny caramel macchiato to come out of a K-Cup. My life would be complete!

Happy Tuesday Dolls! If you're reading this in the a.m., I am sipping on some sort of Keurig deliciousness out of my brown Starbucks mug right now!



  1. omg Starbucks K-cups!!! I can't believe that it has taken them so long to get them going, but I'm so happy that they are finally here! Yay!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment about my new shop! I'm really excited/nervous :)


  2. You are too cute. I love SB coffee - I don't really drink it to stay awake but I love the smell and taste of it. Enjoy your delicious coffee!

  3. Kat, I have been making my own jewelry and started selling pieces to some friends/family. I'm thinking of starting an Etsy shop. It makes me nervous because I really want it to be successful. I wish you all the best!

    Thu, I love Sbux for the smell and taste too! I have a the Starbucks Gold Card...I might have an obsession with skinny caramel macchiatos!

  4. Oh my, I must find these. I love my Starbucks.