My Weekend = Baking

Happy Monday Ladies! I hope all of you get to experience a 3 day work week too because I'm incredibly excited about it! We are having our office carry-in today. Last year we did it on Wednesday and ended up having to take all of our leftovers home. So, we're hoping the Residents finish off anything we left over tomorrow! I made my sugar cookies. I had the hardest time finding Fall/Thanksgiving cookie cutters. I ended up with the box of 101 Wilton plastic cookie cutters. I was actually quite hesitant to buy plastic cookie cutters. I was afraid they wouldn't work as well. But, I was out of options. In the end, I only used the pumpkin shape because nothing else was fitting. But, I'm so prepared for any occasion now! The plastic cookie cutter surprised me and worked really well.

My little pumpkin. There is also a GIANT pumpkin but I refrained from using it!

My cousin's bridal shower is in a couple of weeks. I'm making cookies for her. So, I attempted a trial run with royal icing but I think my other icing will probably be the one I use. I'll be sure to take pictures of the final product!

This pan is from Pampered Chef. I need to tell you. IT.IS.THE.BOMB. I highly recommend it. I've had it about 2 years and it is on the only one I like to use for my cookies. When it came out, it was their only metal baking sheet. It's possible they have more now. Seriously, check it out. It has a great weight to it so it's really sturdy and durable.

There is no way I would make these cookies without this beauty. It is my life saver! It's doing work on the royal icing in this picture.

The royal icing mixes for about 8 minutes. While that is doing it's thing, I set up my bowls for mixing the color. I like to use our older ceramic bowls because they clean up easier and it won't stain like the plastic bowls. You know I'm a little anal so I have my color sitting in front of each bowl with the lid off and toothpick in the container for spooning it out. I also have plastic wrap ready to cover the bowls that I'm not currently mixing. It can start to set up and get hard so covering it is the way to go. By the way, I prefer to use Wilton's gel based food coloring.

I prefer to use squeeze bottles for royal icing. Controlling the flow is much easier this way. You can find these at any craft or party store.

I did the black tips of the pumpkin first and let them totally dry so it wouldn't spread into the orange.

Some people like to make some of their royal icing thicker for trimming the cookie then adding water to thin out the rest for "flooding". Personally, I think that is just too much work. I keep it all the same consistency and I just trim and flood it. My icing is similar to the consistency of toothpaste.

I had a helper. He was hoping for something, anything to fall on the floor.

I also made a pumpkin gingerbread trifle. I'm kind of an over-achiever. This is the Pampered Chef trifle bowl. The stand is removable. Awesome. That lid is a lifesaver. I basically love Pampered Chef.

My cookbooks are self-made. I print the recipes and put them in clear plastic covers. (If you have spillage - it won't stain your recipe, you can just wipe it off!) Then, I keep them in binders. Yes that's plural. My binder got too full. I now have one just for desserts.

So, that's pretty much what I did this weekend. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. I also watched Crazy, Stupid, Love...again. What can I say, R.G. won me over in that one! I have some OOTD's for you tomorrow and I'll let you know what everyone thinks of my treats!



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