Love Birds

A little hump day treat for you! My sister is obsessed with her dog. Not kidding...OBSESSED. She treats him like a child. Talks to him like a child. He is incredibly spoiled but pretty awesome. Mr. LeRoy Brown is special. Sister even bought my parents a car magnet that says "My grandchild is a dog". Just so you know, the magnet is on the refrigerator because you better believe my dad will not be putting that on the Caddy anytime soon.

Sister has a friend with a female boxer named Marley. Marley is LeRoy's girlfriend. Or so their parents say. Personally, I think LeRoy considers her is annoying little sister. Either way, they love each other.

This happened for the Dog Park Halloween festivities...

LeRoy is wearing an actual youth sized thermal shirt. His white bow tie is clipped to his collar. Marley is rocking that tiara and veil like the diva she is. This is their "Prom Pose". How hilarious is this?? I haven't heard how the trick or treating went but if I had to guess it was highly entertaining. Probably right up there with the doggy pool party they had at the community pool this summer.

Nik is deployed so Sister knew that this would probably be one of the few times she gets to do something like this to her precious pup. Nik is not a fan of the costumes! I said, next year he should be a drunken Key West tourist in a hat and floral print shirt (Weekend at Bernie's...anyone??) and Marley could wear a coconut bra and grass skirt.

Happy Wednesday Dolls!


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