It was a rough 24 hours

I need to fill my Ladies in on what happened to me Tuesday night. I had already written my Fashion Favorites post when this happened so I thought I would save this little gem for you!

Let me set the stage for you: I was checking in to vote. I handed my ID to a woman, she told an older man my last name.
Old Man: Allison? Is that the last name?
Me: Yes. (Trying to hide my annoyance with this question. After all, my ID is right in front of him.)
Old Man: Allison. Allison. OH...I think we know your son from the Y.
Me: Tyler??
Old Man: Oh yeah.
Me: Yeah, that's my brother.
Old Man: Oh...(awkward silence)...I'm sorry.
Me: It's fine.

What am I supposed to say after something like that?! Apparently, I look old enough to have a 25 year old son. I had him at the whopping age of 3. Ugh! So, that happened Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning was not much better. In the year I have had my Keurig, it has never failed me...that is until yesterday. I put my k-cup in and hit brew for the travel mug size. I went back to my morning routine. For some reason, I checked it before I was totally ready. It brewed the espresso size, which is definitely not enough. In my annoyance, I put another k-cup in and hit brew for a large cup...thinking this will balance things out so it doesn't overflow. On my way out the door, I grab it to add a bit of Splenda and creamer. Oh wouldn't you know, just another espresso size brew. I'm getting mad at this point. So, I just put my Splenda and creamer in and head out the door. Of course, it's too hot to drink so about 15 minutes into my drive I take a drink and it tastes AWFUL. Ugh. No coffee for Lindsey yesterday. I don't need coffee to function. But, I'm a VERY routine person. So, this just messed with my entire day.

Wednesday afternoon our building lost power for nearly an hour. Chillin in the dark is alright. But, we were ready to leave because there was no sign of when it would come back on. Just as we are all getting ready to head to our offices to pack things up, the lights come on. DAMN. We really just wanted to leave early. I could have taken a nap! Then, we didn't have Internet for about 20 minutes. But, in the end I was at work until 5:00.

To say I'm happy this is my last day of work this week would be an understatement!

(Side Note: I'm writing this on Wednesday night and I'm watching the CMA's. Carrie has killed it with dress #1. They are cracking me up! I hope other people are laughing out loud too.)

Happy Thursday Dolls!



  1. wow! you do NOT look old enough to have a 25 year old son...what a MORON!

  2. Thanks Jes!!! I think he felt bad but the damage was done!

  3. What a day you had! And I agree with Jes too...trust me, you don't look old at all.