Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my lovely ladies! I hope you are all indulging in delicious food today. I went out with some friends last night for the traditional Thanksgiving Eve festivities. Due to the mono, I was the sober friend. Which benefited me because I'm contributing two sides to our T-giving feast. My homemade mac and cheese and the stuffing. This is pretty high stakes because stuffing is probably my favorite part of Thanksgiving. I hope it turns out.

This evening I will be watching the Lady Gaga special. Why wouldn't I??? 8 performances and one on one with Katie Couric. It sounds A.MAZ.ING.

Around mid-night, I'll be heading out for the crazy Black Friday festivities at an Outlet Mall near Dayton. I have my coupons, my comfy shoes, appropriate attire all planned out and a nice cross body handbag to keep my hands free! I hope that I have enough sense to take some pictures of the fiasco. It's always entertaining! I especially loved last year, when we stopped at Bob Evans before coming home and my sister order a giant cheeseburger at 7:30 am. HILARIOUS. She couldn't fight the craving. I don't blame the girl. I already know I'll be ordering the Garden Harvest Omelet and coffee. Sister isn't joining us this year but there is a good reason. More on that later...

Also THE BIG GAME is Saturday. If you don't know what game I'm referring to, you might not be from the midwest. Ohio State v. Michigan. The Bucks will be headed to Ann Arbor. If OSU can win one game to end this little losing streak, please...I repeat PLEASE let it be this game. They have quite the winning streak going on (Michigan hasn't beat OSU since 2004) and I would hate for some stupid controversy and all of the after shocks of it to end it. And for the sake of my insanity, Luke Fickell better not decide to run the stupid wildcat formation ONE MORE TIME. Our biggest running threat is our QB so why in the hell would you put a running back in to take the snaps?? I hope after the first of December we get the announcement that Buckeye Nation needs and they FINALLY after months of speculation announce that Urban Meyer will be the new head coach at Ohio State. And that is my sports related rant. I apologize!

If any of you plan to shop on Friday, I expect to hear all about it!! Do any of you have great Thanksgiving traditions? This Black Friday extravaganza has become ours. We love the Outlet Mall on a normal day but it goes to a new level on Black Friday!


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