Friday Favorites

Ladies, it is FRIDAY!! How happy are we? My Friday Favorites is all about online shopping. I've had a problem this week. 3. YES THREE. Separate orders. Oh my! Shall we see what I've purchased?

I may or may not have made a purchase from VS just so I could get a secret reward card. Oh and the underwear for 7/$26. I cannot pass that up! I can't wait to see what my reward is. I'm sure it's $10 but you know I'm hoping for $500. 

J Crew and their 30% off Sale merchandise got the best of me. Let me tell you, my cart far exceeded these two items. But, I scaled back. I think the stripe shirt could look great with some denim shorts and sandals/Sperry's on the beach in February! I have a closet full of cardis but not a single one is a wrap with a belt. So, now I have one!

Ok, Hautelook. You snagged me too. (I know the picture quality is horrendous but it's the best I could do.) After shipping, etc this was only $29. I couldn't resist. I have wanted a quilted cross body bag for a while. Let's be real. You know I wish this was Chanel. But, it is not. However, a girl can dream and maybe pretend in her mind that it is Chanel. The color is pewter which does not translate well here.

I placed my VS order late afternoon on Sunday and it was waiting for me after work on Wednesday. Impressive. Let's hope the same goes for J Crew. I'm not expecting much from Hautelook. It took me forever to get my watch but I would love to have this by Thanksgiving Eve.

I managed to take a few OOTD's but I might just leave them for Monday or Tuesday. By the way, I totally looked like a school girl on Thursday. Thankfully, I opted out of wearing my glasses. That would have sent the look over the edge. Have a great weekend Dolls!


P.S. Have you read about the backlash about Ryan Gosling not being Sexiest Man Alive?? Apparently, I'm not the only one that thought he should get it. There's no ill will against Mr. Cooper because he's deserving of the title but apparently Ryan's stand out year made him the front runner in the eyes or many adoring Ladies...and George Clooney!


  1. loved your comment on my fash fail. the flu would have been the only logical excuse. lol. I hope you have a fabulous weekend, love. oh... and R.G. for Sexiest, obviously they're gonna have to give it to him next year. ladies are definitely upset. xo

  2. That bag looks really cute. Can't wait to see you wear in an outfit.