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This week we're going to be looking at Jennifer Aniston. Love her or hate her, you can't deny that the woman does not age. Seriously! Friends ended in 2004 and she looks the same. I want to know what she does because I'll jump on that wagon in a heart beat! Jen is notoriously in a nice pair of jeans. She is basically a girl after my own heart. Maybe it's because I wear skirts, tights and nice pants all week but I love wearing a nice fitted pair of jeans on the weekends.

All photos came from Celebrity Style Guide

I love the leather jacket she is wearing in the first two photos. It definitely takes on a new look when paired with the black jeans and biker boots. Speaking of the boots, I have some very similar by BCBG and I absolutely love them. The next outfit could easily be replicated with a thermal long sleeve shirt and cute scarf. There is really nothing to it. I think the last outfit is something I have probably worn. Love it. 

I had to do something that showed off her ridiculous legs. I'm pretty sure that she is a yoga/Pilate's kind of girl. This just re-affirms the fact that I need to start doing yoga again. End.Of.Story. By the way, I would give anything to have the beachy waves she is rocking in the first pic. Ugh. 

Something you may not know about me...I love coats. I could have dozens and manage to wear them all. I bought one last weekend. So, I picked the first two pictures because of the coats. They're awesome! Her pants suit rocks my world. Again, with the amazing legs and fabulous figure! The tweed dress is so something I wish was hanging in my closet.

One other thing, I want my hair to shine like hers. Why are people so obsessed with Jen's hair?? Maybe because it always looks great! Ahh. Her cute long bob is my hair inspiration for the growing out process. Baby steps people. Baby steps. In reality, I want it long again but I'm trying to be patient.

What do you think of Jen's style?? Would you count her as one of fashion inspirations? She doesn't really do anything cutting edge or out of the box but I think that's what I like about her. She keeps things down to earth and easy. I bet if any of you went to your closet, you could probably re-create one of these looks. Personally, I would love to know how many pairs of jeans she owns!

Happy Wednesday Ladies!


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