Fashion Favorites!

This week's Fashion Favorite is Pippa Middleton. She hit the fashion scene with a bang when she basically stole her sister's thunder during that wedding that was watched by millions. People even go to their plastic surgeons and request the Pippa booty. I don't even know what to think of that! Personally, I won't be going that far but I would like 5 minutes in her closet. She has a very easy style. But, she always has it perfect...down the handbag and sunnies.

First two groups are from Celebrity Style Guide and the last one is from Radar Online.

First up, jeans/pants. Like her sister, she also enjoys a great pair of tall boots. I too enjoy tall/riding boots. The first of many things we have in common! I tend to be selecting ladies that like to layer their clothing. Exhibit A: the blazer. Which I believe also made an appearance on Rachel Bilson and Lauren Conrad. What can I say, I love a great jacket or cardi. She pulls of the the colder weather fabulously in this adorable coat.

Pippa loves her dresses. Her legs are fab so she has every right to show them off. She always has a nice glow about her too. Self tanner? Spray tan? What are you doing Pippa?? The ladies want to know.  This evening look is gorgeous. 

The printed dresses might be my favorite because printed dresses have a soft spot in my heart. Her little pops of red in the one on the left are perfect. Look at her toned arms. Ugh. Just tell me what your workout routine is Pippa. I will start tomorrow!

Please notice, she is wearing a great pair of sunglasses in every photo except the evening look. I love that she wears a lot of flats. I wear heels...A LOT. I need the height. When I say I need it, it's not a self-esteem thing, I seriously need it so my pants don't drag on the ground! I have 3 pairs of pants that are acceptable with flats (that's not counting my cropped/ankle pants). But, I have some ADORABLE flats that I love to wear.

Don't get me started on her handbags. I want them all. Not kidding. Every.Single.One.Of.Them.

What are your thoughts on Pippa Middleton's style? Would you love to raid her closet?

If you could spend 5 minutes in the closet of one stylish lady, who would you choose? Who knows...maybe she'll be my next fashion favorite!

Happy Wednesday Dolls!


P.S. I'm doing my Thanksgiving post early so it can be ready to post tomorrow. I hope you all have your Black Friday shopping lists ready to go!


  1. Pippa so has the style I crave. I must find out where that shirt and boots are from in the first picture. Do you have any idea?

  2. I know the shirt is by Chloe. Here is the link to her style page.


    I'm looking into the boots. I have found several pictures but nothing solid yet! I'll facebook you when I know!

  3. LOVE Pippa. I'm still a bit partial to Kate, but I would raid Pippa's closet in a heartbeat :)

  4. LOVE Pippa. I'm still a bit partial to Kate, but I would raid Pippa's closet in a heartbeat :)

  5. I love Kate too. She will def be a fashion favorite at some point!