Fashion Favorites

This week's Fashion Favorite is Lauren Conrad. I loved her on Laguna and The Hills. I adore her LC by Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl's. If my wallet would let me buy Paper Crown, I know I would be obsessed with that as well. She has such an easy Cali girl vibe but definitely knows how to turn things up. If you don't visit her website, you should. www.laurenconrad.com

All photos came from Celebrity Style Guide

I love her casual look. She can work anything from skinny jeans and flats to rain boots. Her hair always looks effortless but chic. I'm sure she spends more time on it than I expect. But, in my mind she gets up touches it up with a curling iron and goes. I would give anything to do that. But, this course, thick, curly hair does not allow it!

Miss LC has quite the glow about her. Is it just genetics or some amazing moisturizer/self tanner/miracle product that I need to buy...immediately? Can I let you in on a little secret. I desperately want my hair to grow so I can rock the ballerina bun. When my hair was long, I could have done this on the reg. I like wearing my hair up. I tend to do the messy, curly bun thing when my hair is long because 1. it's easy 2. it looks cute with little effort. I die for the polka dot dress. And the combo on the end is a.maz.ing. She layers clothes very well. 

I mean she even pulls off a sweatshirt like it just came off the runway.

LC, you have grown up a lot since your Laguna days with the Kristen, Stephen, Lauren love triangle. I think your style is wonderful. I would definitely raid your closet!

How amazing would it be to design clothes and know that if you ever wanted something, you could just make it?! Ugh. I would be in heaven! How do you feel about Lauren's style? Do any of you own anything from either of her lines? There are a pair of boots at Kohl's that have been calling my name and I keep ignoring them.  I might have to give in!

Happy Wednesday Dolls!



  1. I was never a fan of hers or her reality show but I have to admit that she always does look wonderful.

  2. Love Lauren's style! We recently did a celebrity inspiration remix with that first photo of her. On a random note, you say you bleed Green & White (Go Bobcats). That wouldn't happen to be Ohio University? Heather & Kayla

  3. I will definitely have to check out your Lauren post! And I am talking about Ohio University...I LOVE my Bobcats!

  4. ps, I'm going to be in Cincinnati in Dec {14-28}. You, your sister and I need to have a shopping date while I'm there!!!!!