Fashion Favorites

I've decided to start a new segment on the blog. This is where I will discuss some of my Fashion Favorites or my personal fashion icons. I have quite the list already so I have a feeling this will be going on for a while. I keep thinking of more fabulous ladies that I want to steal clothes from! Basically, anyone that I would say "give me 5 minutes in her closet to take whatever I want" will end up here!

My first Fashion Favorite is Rachel Bilson. I loved her in The O.C. and I love her in Hart of Dixie. Her style is easy and effortless. She looks put together without really trying. I love that. That's kind of how I see my own style. Easy, comfortable but I'd like it to be chic too.

All photos came from Celebrity Style Guide.

The girl pulls off jeans and t-shirt fabulously! She loves blazers and scarves. I can say the same about myself. I also love that she looks as great with her hair in a pony as does with it styled for the red carpet.

I might be copying some of these looks for my vaca in Feb. I can see myself in a pair of Toms (or Sperry's), shorts and a distressed v-neck shirt hanging out on the beach.

 I think she is flawless. She knows how to mix hard and soft without it looking over worked. The black ensemble with the statement necklaces is amazing. I love the dresses on either end. I would basically wear anything from any of the above photos.

How do you feel about Rachel Bilson's style? I think her style is very attainable for the average girl. You can pick things from any of these pictures and implement it in your day to day life.

I would love to hear what my Ladies think of my new blog segment! Happy Wednesday Dolls! The week is almost over already!



  1. (1)love the new segment. (2) love rachel bilson. (3) i want to be on a beach with sperry's and cut off jean shorts right.freaking.now!

  2. and also i can comment on blogs at work now. squee!

  3. Love that you can comment on blogs at work!! I'm about to runaway to a beach. I.NEED.IT.

    P.S. Parker's 12 month pics are adorable!

  4. I really do like Rachel Bilson's style. She always looks great without it looking like she tried. So envious!

  5. I love her style too! She was awesome in One Tree Hill and I been trying to catch Hart of Dixie.

    Great blog hope you visit mine!