When all else fails...PINTEREST

When I couldn't think of what to blog about, I decided to head to Pinterest. Typically, I blog in the evenings. Well last night I went to bed after HIMYM. Sad, I know. But, I needed it. So, here are the things I want to share!

 I need this! Mad as a hatter by OPI

This outfit makes me smile! I def need some electric blue tights!

I need to make some of these bracelets immediately!

This adorable little guy reminds me of the lab we had growing up. Smokie was so chubby as a puppy. His little legs were too short to hold him up and he would fall over when he ran. So freaking cute! He was such an awesome dog.  He grew to be 140 lbs and we rode him like a pony. 

Because let's face it...we ARE fabulous! I need a dog like this! 

Ok Dolls, happy pinning! I hope you have a FABULOUS Tuesday. If anyone tries to bring you down just show them the picture above!


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