I've been busting my butt at work for well over a month. I actually have free time now and I don't really know what to do with myself. I haven't worked through my lunch at all this week. Crazy! I was minding my own business yesterday probably looking up wedding dress shaped cookie cutters. (More on that later.) Then, the Chair of our Department came in this afternoon and said, "You're hot stuff Mama! Everyone on campus is talking about you." I could tell he could read the confusion all over my face. Apparently, the course I've been working on was the most prepared and organized it has ever been in the history of the Neuroscience courses. Allow me to pat myself on the back! He is sending me and some of my co-workers out to lunch next week for a job well done. YAY!!! I don't like to brag when I do something right because I feel like that's the way it should be done. But, to get the validation is fantastic. I like knowing that other people see how much hard work and endless hours I put into that project. It was my baby and I had actually started prepping for it in February! In case you aren't aware I'm very Type A and probably OCD and kind of a perfectionist. So, doing something half way is not an option. If the Chair wants to send me out to lunch when the Associate Dean is saying nice things about me, I'll take it!! Enough of that talk...on to some fun stuff!!

Jess pinned these beauties on Pinterest.

She pinned them with the caption, "wedding shower cookies". So, I commented and said that if she really wanted them I could do it. She said she secretly hoped I would see them. Let's be serious ladies, these are some AWESOME looking cookies and I cannot wait to make them. I think they will be so much fun! I'm probably as excited about making them as she is to have them at her shower. My friend Allie is getting married this summer. So, it's possible I could have them perfected and ready for her as well!

There is also a wedding cake in the set of cookie cutters I plan to buy. I kind of want to play around with them. I could be really creative with a wedding cake!

I'm looking forward to making my holiday cookies again! They are so much fun. The little Santa faces are my favorite!

It's already Thursday and I am so looking forward to the weekend!


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