Surprise Visit

My sister decided to make a last minute visit home on Friday. She has a four day weekend (she works four 10 hour days a week and her days off fell on Friday and Monday - so jealous) and doesn't plan to come home again until Thanksgiving so this was a perfect time to visit. I feel like I've been on the go all weekend but it was great!

We stopped by the mall on Saturday night after dinner and I spent some time checking out all of the Uggs and I'm pretty sure I want 4 different pairs. This is not good! I managed to not buy anything at the mall...I showed GREAT restraint. I did exchange a sweater at AE. I bought this navy sweater a while ago. I attempted to wear it and realized it was HUGE. I should really try things on before I buy them. I got an XS and I hope this does the trick!

I spent my Sunday catching up on Rachel Zoe/dying over her new house and watching Lost. It was a super relaxing weekend and I don't really have a lot to share. But, I do plan to do some jewelry posts later this week.

Did you enjoy your weekend? I hope it was fabulous Dolls!


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