Jello Shots = College Flashback

I ate my body weight in jello shots this weekend. I'm not exaggerating. It was bad! There were also margaritas. Here is a pic of our table at one point in the evening.

I think I counted at least 20 on the table in this picture and that is only about half of the table. It was bad news! By the way, I'm aware the picture is blurry but what do you expect!

This made me flashback to my college days. Specifically, Halloween weekend Senior year. We had a Snapple cooler in our living room. We filled that entire cooler with jello shots and alcohol for the weekend. Before we left for the evening, we filled our bags with jello shots. Seriously, the best idea...EVER!

This is Halloween weekend in Athens. The BIGGEST party of the year. To all my Bobcats out there, if you're celebrating on Court St for the first time, I have few words of wisdom. 1. Be smart. (i.e. no open containers or crazy drunken behavior on the streets) 2. Watch out for the crazies - they come out of the wood work. 3. Cops are known to get dressed up too. 4. If you get arrested - pray that you end up in the Athens jail not Nelsonville's. That's a long trip home. 5. Have fun. 6. Take A LOT of pictures. 7. If you can go to the bars...do it. They are typically empty and you can have so much fun with your friends. 8. Don't pass out at The C.I. They will throw you out. One of my friends knows this first hand. 9. If you're brave enough to go to The Ridges...do it. I never had the guts!

I plan to show some of my favorite Halloween costumes later this week. Get ready!! Happy Wednesday Dolls!


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