Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween Dolls! Did any of you dress up this year? I hope you're costumes were fabulous! I actually didn't do anything this year. I just wasn't in the mood but I thought I would show you some of my past costumes.

Let's start with me as a child. I was Raggedy Ann. My cousin Tarin was a clown. I'm clearly thrilled to be participating in the Halloween festivities. We are at my grandparent's house in this picture. I love it. I would give anything to have those tights now!

Tarin and I again as a college students! I was Where's Waldo's girlfriend Wanda. It was so comfortable and warm, which I appreciated!

Junior year of college with my roommate Andrea. This is a child's Lady Bug costume that fit me like a shirt. It was unseasonably warm that year so once again, I was comfortable! I had on black yoga like pants. Andrea is on the verge of losing it in this picture because the antennae was not cooperating.

This was a couple of years ago. I'm wearing Jenn's actual Girl Scout vest. Hilarious. I converted a box of Girl Scout cookies into a purse. It worked perfectly. I wish you could see my adorable heels but I couldn't find a full length photo. Jess is Lady Gaga if you couldn't figure that out! She had a disco stick. I still find particles of glitter in my car.

My Senior year of college my cousin Tarin and I plus 2 of her friends went as the 4 seasons. It was great. But, once again it was incredibly warm so the girls that were Fall and Winter were not prepared. I was Summer. I wore white pants, a bikini top and a big white floppy hat. I had a light weight white zip up hoodie for later in the evening when it got chilly. It was a great group costume!

So there are some of my past costumes! I hope you all had a great weekend and let's get ready for another work week!


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