30 By 30...1 down.

Well I finished Lost. I understand the obsession with the show. I understand how it changed television. I can see why some people were angry about the ending but I loved it. I'm happy. However, if they wanted to continue the show for another 6 seasons, I wouldn't be opposed to that. I desperately wanted to finish the series so I could see what happens but then I didn't want it to end either. Quite the predicament! I think I want to watch the entire series again. I know there are things I missed. During the cold Ohio Winter months, I have a feeling I will be watching more Lost.

I love Desmond. He is one of my favorites. I cried when he was reunited with Penny. They are fantastic. Their little boy was adorable.

Sawyer was such a great character. I had a love/hate relationship for a long time. But, watching him lose Juliet was devastating. I hated it. According the James "Sawyer" Ford wiki page, he was named the 16th greatest television character of all time.

I could honestly sit here and break down the entire show. What I loved and hated about the characters, etc. But, that would be incredibly boring. I will say this. I'm glad that in the end everyone was with who I hoped they would be with. The Sawyer/Juliet reunion in the Sideways storyline was perfect. The way Hurley and Boone brought Shannon and Sayid back together was great. The sideways Hurley was awesome.

Ok, I'm back to describing every little thing again. This needs to end now!!

Happy Thursday Dolls! I get to go out to lunch with the girls today to celebrate several accomplishments in our department. I'm so excited for some delicious sea food!!



  1. I got so emotionally involved with Lost that I would literally dream about the characters multiple times a week... still haven't found a show that measures up!!

  2. I don't think I will ever find something that consumed my life the way Lost did. I will definitely be buying every season of it.