Weekend Re-Cap

Well my weekend consisted of a lot of football and working at a festival. I would prefer to watch more football. I don't mind going to festivals every now and then but working them is not my cup of tea. We did sell some jewelry though. So, I can't be too upset about it.

These guys gave me a minor heart attack on Saturday.

I'm pretty sure I can't handle many more games like that so let's not do it again...ok?!

Saturday night was spent watching the ND v. Michigan game with some great friends. Even though those friends are Michigan fans. It was great game! 3 TD's in 1:12. I wish the outcome was reversed but it was still a great game to watch. 

I missed the Cincinnati/Cleveland game because of that stupid festival but apparently my boys pulled out the win. I was prepared for a zero win season so I was pleasantly surprised!!

In other news, my poor puppy has pink eye. It's seriously the saddest thing, EVER. Thankfully, one of my oldest friends is a Vet so I texted her last night with my poor boys symptoms. We were doing everything right and if it doesn't get any better by tomorrow he has to go to the doctor. Poor thing. He likes to hide inside this octagon shaped table. Coop is a 110 lb black lab. He DOES NOT fit but he crams himself in there. He hides when he has an ear infection because he knows we'll clean them. So, he has been living in this table all weekend. Last night, we took the table into the spare bedroom. He was devastated but his ears finally got cleaned. We're going to leave it this way for a few days so we can get the ear infection under control. The poor guy is feeling really crummy!

Here is my Coopie under the table. How cute is that face?!?

Well, I hope everyone is ready for a new work week! Happy Monday Dolls!


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