Relaxing weekend

I hoped the weekend would go as slowly as the work week did and I'm happy to say my wish came true. I had a very relaxing weekend. It was so nice!! My mom and I did some shopping for our jewelry on Friday. Which also resulted in me buying this...

So hilarious!! The Blu-Ray combo packs are the bomb! Seriously, a blu-ray disc, dvd disc and digital copy for $22. Thank you Target! I called the Sister and gave her the code for the digital copy. She's bored in TN so it will give her something to do! I'm giving Jenn the dvd copy b/c why do I need two copies of the same movie?

During the drive home Friday night my mom thought it was appropriate to tell me creepy stories about things that will make me afraid to stay home alone. Thanks for that!

Ok, I'm totally team Braxton Miller!

He totally stepped up this weekend. I'm going to need to see more of that because the schedule is definitely going to get tougher!! Plus, he's a Dayton native so I have much love for the kid!

How was your weekend? I hope you all had a fabulous time! Let's get ready for another work week.


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