Pinterest inspired..

I finally did something I've pinned on Pinterest. It didn't turn out great but it's not bad for my first try.

I rushed this. Which I shouldn't have done. I was trying to watch the finale of Big Brother and it got a little messy. The purple is thicker than I had anticipated. I probably should have practiced a little bit more before I did it. All in all, it's cute and I'll leave it for a couple of days. *Please ignore my atrocious cuticles. I need a legit manicure...in the worst way! I've been handling a lot of paper lately and my fingers are getting dry and cracking. NOT COOL. I hope to give my nails/cuticles a little attention this weekend. 

I found this yesterday on Pinterest and I died! I have been looking for matte polish every where I go. To think that I could just put a matte top coat on colors I already have...AMAZING. I will be finding this ASAP. I have some great colors that are just dying to be transformed into a matte finish! Has anyone tried this?? I need to know if works like they say it does!

The clouds were weird this morning and i had to take a photo. To the right was a total sheet of clouds then it just stopped. 

 I took a pic with my Instragram app as well! 

It's a cold gloomy day in Ohio today. It was 46 degrees this morning!! I hope to see a little sunshine on my way home today. 

Have any of you tried anything on Pinterest? Is there a nail technique you're in love with?

Happy Thursday Dolls! The weekend is almost here...YAY!!


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