No white after Labor Day...?

I wore my white BR pants yesterday. As I was changing my clothes, I was thinking about the rule no white after Labor Day and that if I followed it, yesterday would be my last day wearing those pants this year. Here's the thing...I LOVE MY WHITE PANTS. I would wear them all year long. I feel the same way about my new white skinny jeans.

My question for you, do you stop wearing white after Labor Day? I think it's a stupid rule! If it's warm out, why not wear white? I'll tell you one thing, the pants will be going to Key West with me in February. Who cares! I'm in a tropical environment so I'll pretend it's Summer!

I think I tend to push the limits with those so called "rules". I wear black and brown together too. (gasp!) I also wore a navy and white nautical striped shirt last weekend with black sandals. I feel like if you own it and are confident in what you're wearing, it really doesn't matter. People won't notice the "rule breaking" if you act like it's no big thing and you totally did it on purpose!

Do any of my Ladies "break the rules"? I hope so...we can be rebels together! How many items on this list do you break?

Alright Dolls, we are almost there...the weekend is so close I can taste it!



  1. It's a stupid rule! I think you should definitely wear white today, tomorrow and next week! Especially white skinny jeans (which I've been trying to find the perfect pair now for like 2 years)! - Alyssa

  2. Alyssa, I found mine at Gap and they were crazy cheap...like $19. Check it out! I hope they still have some! I'm glad you agree withe me about that stupid rule!

  3. I completely agree that it's a stupid rule! I say wear what you want...if I could look good in white skinny jeans, I think I'd wear them everyday!

  4. Ladies, I saw a commercial last night. I think it was for Clorox or something but that's not the point! The woman said, "No white after Labor Day...what are you, my grandmother??". Clearly, we aren't the only ones that feel this is a stupid rule!