Who got their Missoni dress in the mail yesterday ----> This Girl! I of course had to try it on right away. It was incredibly comfortable. I realized it looked better belted. I look even shorter than normal without something breaking up the middle. Thankfully, I bought that fab pale pink belt a few weeks ago. It's PERFECT. Here are a few pics for ya!

My bangs are atrocious. Don't judge! The growing out process is a bitch.

I figured you needed it from all angles! I just happened to be wearing the grey tights yesterday and they look pretty cute with it. I envisioned my cream ones but I think I just added a few more options to this dress! I'll post a real OOTD when I wear the dress.

Happy Wednesday Dolls!



  1. GREAT dress!! How exciting for you - such a fab choice! The belt definitely works well :)

    Please check out my blog x


  2. Ahh so jealous!! It looks adorable on you!!