I know I'm incredibly behind but I have a new found obsession with the tv show Lost.

I didn't watch the show when it started. Then, I felt I was too far behind to start watching it. So, now I'm spending any free moment I have watching the show. So thankful for Netflix Instant Queue. I'm currently almost finished with Season 2. Shit is going down! I try to figure things out, only to find out I was totally wrong.

This was on my 30 by 30 list so I'm happy to say I'm working on checking something off the list.

Were any of you totally obsessed with this show when it was actually on the air? I don't think I could deal if I had to wait a week (or more in some cases) for the next episode. My mind is pretty much blown right now and I had to stop watching because HIMYM is coming on. If I had it my way, I would take a week off of work and I would sit in my room watching episode after episode. Sad? Maybe.

Do any of you have a show that you discovered after it wrapped then became addicted to? I'm pretty sure when this is over I'll need something else to consume my life!

Happy Tuesday Dolls!



  1. A couple summers ago I seriously became obsessed with Lost. To the point where I would have dreams about being on that island with them! I also watched online after the seasons aired-- waiting for the next episode in real time would have been way too stressful! Enjoy it, it's about to get so much better too :)

  2. My cousin is a huge fan. So, I'll text her and say OMG Michael is shooting people. She'll make comments like, ohhh it's going to get really good soon but never gives anything away. So, I'm just sitting at home, yelling at my tv and totally freaking out! I had dreams that I was on the island and Ethan was after me when I first started watching it. So, I don't watch it right before I go to bed anymore! I'll keep you posted on my progress!

  3. I almost feel like I shouldn't make comments just in case what I'm referencing hasn't happened yet...