Labor Day = Shopping

I spent my Labor Day weekend doing some shopping. I also spent time with Sister and made quite a bit of jewelry. I was totally lame yesterday and should have posted this then but I decided to clean, relax and organize the outrageous amounts of jewelry my mom and I have made instead. So, it's a day late but here are my shopping finds! I went shopping on Saturday with my parents and sister and then again on Monday. American Eagle had the entire store 40%. It was GREAT!!

I'm obsessed with this blouse! I got it at Francesca's and it was 30% off. Even better!

AE boxers. There were $8 with 40% off. It doesn't get better than that. 

This adorable bag is also an AE purchase. I need a nice small side bag. And this is perfect! 

I couldn't resist this pink glittery belt from New York and Company.

Monday, I went back to AE with Jenn and came home with another pair of shorts. The first pair were just too comfortable!

These sweaters are lightweight and flattering! I think I need to go back and get a few more!! My sister bought a peach colored one on Saturday and after seeing it on, I knew I needed one.

There was another purchase on Saturday but I had to order it so I won't show you until it comes in. It's going to be a few weeks so I'm leaving you hanging in suspense!!

One more side note: This is just a pointer for all of my fashionistas out there. If you buy a pair of boots (or any other shoes) at the end of the season knowing you won't wear them until the appropriate time of the year, get them out and check them anyway. I may or may not have bought a pair of Gianni Bini black suede boots last Winter/Spring. They could have sat in my closet for 6 months. I might have tried to wear them on Monday and it's possible that I had 2 left shoes. I'm just looking out for my ladies. Check those boxes! Thankfully, the people at Dillard's are fabulous and they credited my account. However, I missed out on my $100 $18 boots. :(

Well Ladies, it's TUESDAY already. Gotta love a shortened work week! How did your football teams do this weekend? My Bucks pulled out the win and despite sweating our booties off at the HS game, they pulled out the win too. I felt so bad for those boys sweating on the field! It was pretty gloomy here on Sunday and Monday. We seriously went from 100 degree weather on Saturday to 70 degree weather on Sunday. It was crazy! I think fall is officially here.


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