If you don't know about these things, you should...

My favorite fellow fashionista Crystal introduced me to 6pm.com and I am now officially obsessed. I feel like I will most definitely find my new brown riding boots there. Check it out..you won't be sorry!!

Who went bat shit crazy over Missoni for Target yesterday? This girl did. I felt like a crack addict waiting for a fix. I wanted everything. If ever a collection could make me want to change my bedroom this is it. I've had various comforters but the same paint for years. It's my beach paradise. I LOVE it. But, those bold Missoni prints made me want to change everything! I had a skirt and a dress in my cart. The skirt sold out so I panicked, of course. I QUICKLY grabbed my wallet and purchased the most amazing dress.

The Target site is still so bogged down that I had to steal a picture of it from another site. I would love for you to see it without the scarf, etc. But, this is the best I could do! This is the greatest thing since Stella McCartney hit H&M. Thankfully, I have my very own Missoni and I'm the happiest girl on the planet!

Finally, my cousin gave me the most amazing sea salt scrub and body wash for my birthday. She is an Arbonne consultant and let me tell you the stuff is thebomb.com. No joke. My legs shine after I use it. Who needs MK leg shine when you can use some yummy smelling scrub! I linked her FB page above. Check it out. It's all natural goodness. I will def be buying some scrubs for exchange gifts this holiday season! Who doesn't love a little pampering every now and then?

So excited it's Wednesday. I was wishing for the weekend on Monday. I know I know, that is no way to go into a work week but last weekend kind of sucked and I needed another day! I hope your hump day is fabulous!



  1. Ahh so jealous of you!! I missed out on everything I wanted and I feel so terrible because I even sent my mom to Target while I was at work, thinking there was no way our small town could have cleared it our, but sure enough it was just like the rest of them!

  2. I had the website up all day at work. I had gotten busy and kind of forgotten about it then I happened to click over and fresh it and BOOM it was up! I think it was fate! HA! I feel very lucky. I'm sorry you didn't get anything. Maybe something will pop up online. Keep watching it!

  3. I didn't get any of the pieces. So sad the site crashed and I wasn't about to attempt the stores because I'm sure they were crazy. Hope I can get some on the next delivery. Love the look you posted.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I would love for you to stop back by Fash Boulevard again soon.


  4. I saw video footage of the stores on the Today Show. I don't think I would have attempted that either! I hope you get something in the next shipment. I was on the site last night and saw an adorable black maxi skirt that I think I need as well!