Friday Favorites!

Today I'm going to list some of the things on my "I want this..." list.

I really really really want the Ugg Kensington Boots. I like the toast color. I have the standard Classic Short Chesnut boots. But, I have been dying for these for a while. Maybe I'll finally get them this year! Also, I can wear kids sizes so I plan to save a few bucks by buying the kids version!

I saw this bareMinerals eyeshadow on Sephora and I really want to try it. The colors are fabulous. Looks like I'll be paying Sephora another visit next week! I'm due for more High Beam and Stay Don't Stray eyeshadow primer. You know I always end up coming home with more than I planned to buy!

Speaking of Sephora...how great is the Manhattan Minis Collection? Jenn and I decided we MUST get this! That sparkle? The brown? The purple? Oh My, what will I wear first?!

What are your plans this weekend? It's Football Friday with the crew tonight then Buckeye Football on Saturday. In between there I will probably be making a lot of jewelry. Sound familiar? Yeah, probably because I did the same thing last weekend! Oh well! It's a high stress time for me at work so the easy laid back and relaxing weekends are a must! I plan to take a personal day sometime after October 18th! (This day will probably be spent watching Lost all day and I might not even get out of my sweatpants...don't judge!)

Happy Friday Ladies!


P.S. I have to share this video of my Alma Mater going cray cray over their new black football uniforms. Hilarious! One guy calls his Dad. I LOVE it!


  1. I need a new pair of boots too. But I'm thinking maybe something at least mid-thigh.

  2. I've had my eye on some brown riding boots as well. Decisions, decisions!