Friday Favorites!

I was almost certain that Wednesday was Friday. You can imagine how disappointed I was. Needless to say this week has been moving at a turtle's pace and I'm glad the weekend is in sight! I can only hope the weekend moves as slowly as the week did. I would like to savor every minute of it.

I struggled with what to post as my Friday Favorites this week. I couldn't think of any new products that I wanted to share. The thing is, last week I had a ton of ideas and I somehow cannot remember them. I wrote them down knowing this would happen and wouldn't you know, I can't find the list. So frustrating! So, I'm starting from scratch and I looked to my Pinterest boards for ideas.

I've mentioned on many occasions that I'm growing my hair out. I thought I'd share a little hair inspiration with you.

I hope to have it a little longer than this by the wedding in February. But, at the rate I'm going it might not happen. I love the color too...however I'm TERRIFIED to change my hair color. On more than one occasion I have chopped 8+ inches off of my hair without batting an eye but the thought of changing my color makes me 12 kinds of nervous. I don't think I can pull off lighter hair. For now, we'll just aim for the length.


I have an overwhelming urge to watch The Wonder Years. It has been driving me crazy for months! I need to find it and make it happen!

Almost Famous. Probably one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME. Look at how young Kate was. Sadly, I don't even have this on DVD, it's a VHS tape and I have nothing to watch it on. Totally showing my age with that one! I need to buy it on Blu-Ray. 

I really don't think it's normal that our generation has watched movies on three different forms. I get really annoyed when I have to rebuild my movie collection each time a new device comes out. Let's hope Blu-Ray sticks around for a while!

What is your favorite movie?? 

Make this weekend a good one Dolls!



  1. that photo of SB is one of the ones I took in to my last hair appointment =} good choice!

  2. Jes, we're definitely on the same page!!