Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Dolls! I'm currently sitting in a computer lab reading a book trying not to fall asleep! I have 3 things for you this week.

I've raved about Chobani Yogurt before but the Dannon Oikos has them beat in my opinion. Seriously the most delicious greek yogurt I've ever had.

The North Face Jacket needs to make an appearance. Mainly because I had to bust it out this week. It's my go to jacket. I absolutely love it.

A lovely med student sent our Residency Coordinator a basket of chocolates this week. This little treat was included. Let me tell you...SO FREAKING DELICIOUS. If you want some chocolate, I highly recommend you get this!

Jenn and I will be sitting at a football game tonight. I have a feeling the games are going to start getting cold so I'll appreciate the 60-70 degree weather while we have it! Have a great weekend Dolls!


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