Friday Favorites!

Today I'm going to list some of the things on my "I want this..." list.

I really really really want the Ugg Kensington Boots. I like the toast color. I have the standard Classic Short Chesnut boots. But, I have been dying for these for a while. Maybe I'll finally get them this year! Also, I can wear kids sizes so I plan to save a few bucks by buying the kids version!

I saw this bareMinerals eyeshadow on Sephora and I really want to try it. The colors are fabulous. Looks like I'll be paying Sephora another visit next week! I'm due for more High Beam and Stay Don't Stray eyeshadow primer. You know I always end up coming home with more than I planned to buy!

Speaking of Sephora...how great is the Manhattan Minis Collection? Jenn and I decided we MUST get this! That sparkle? The brown? The purple? Oh My, what will I wear first?!

What are your plans this weekend? It's Football Friday with the crew tonight then Buckeye Football on Saturday. In between there I will probably be making a lot of jewelry. Sound familiar? Yeah, probably because I did the same thing last weekend! Oh well! It's a high stress time for me at work so the easy laid back and relaxing weekends are a must! I plan to take a personal day sometime after October 18th! (This day will probably be spent watching Lost all day and I might not even get out of my sweatpants...don't judge!)

Happy Friday Ladies!


P.S. I have to share this video of my Alma Mater going cray cray over their new black football uniforms. Hilarious! One guy calls his Dad. I LOVE it!


Time Flies

When I was younger, I remember people saying the older you get the faster time flies. I thought they were straight cray cray and that my days would always seem long and full of neighborhood hide-n-seek games and weekend camping trips that seemed to last a week because we crammed so much fun into 2 days.

Well, here I am 28 years old and wondering where the time has gone. You're probably wondering, "why is she thinking about these things? Her birthday was months ago and what else could prompt such thoughts." I'll tell you...Christmas prompted these thoughts. Particularly, Black Friday shopping because my favorite shopping day of the year is TWO MONTHS away. Let's get it out there, I'm one of those completely insane Black Friday shoppers. I feel like we were just doing this and it's fastly approaching again!

I'm going to break this down for you. I don't go to Best Buy or any other electronics store. I don't do the big superstores. I go to the Outlet Mall. Jenn, Sister, and my Mom go with me. We leave around 1 am. ....I'll let that sink in..... The mall opens at Midnight. We get there around 2 am. We are seasoned veterans at this now. The first year was a DISASTER. Trying to get there at Midnight is not a good choice. That year there were people parking their cars on the highway and they were being towed. Can you imagine?? We've learned to get there when other people are getting ready to leave for the big super stores and electronic stores.

The sales are RIDIC. So worth it! I feel like I'm stealing things. Last year I got my brother Jordan basketball shorts at Nike for $12.99. That's a stupid good deal, right?! It is seriously the most fun day! Last year was the second time Jenn joined us and we had a plan of attack, it was great. There is a Bob Evans just down the road. So we shop then we eat. Last year we got home at 9 am. After eating 2 Thanksgiving meals the day before and taking a brief nap we were up ALL NIGHT. I definitely crashed when we got home. Thankfully, we have the weekend to recover! I plan to do almost all of my shopping on that day this year. I need to start brainstorming!!

I did serious damage at J Crew and Banana Republic last year. The perk of going with my mom...I get to pick out my favorite things and she buys them for me! I was browsing the new J Crew catalog yesterday and I'm so excited to see what kind of deals I find this year!!

Here are some of the things I'm loving from J Crew!

Are any of you crazy Black Friday shoppers?? I hope so!! I can't wait to share my stories with you Ladies. Speaking of Friday...we're almost there! Have a great day Dolls!




Happy Wednesday Dolls! As I've mentioned, I always wear my best outfits on Tuesday. So, I of course wore the MISSONI yesterday! LOVED IT!!

Dress: Missoni for Target
Shirt: J Crew
Belt: New York & Co.
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Ann Marino (TJ Maxx)

I also got my wanna be mullet thinned out after work yesterday. I'm THIS.CLOSE to getting extensions. I feel like I'm on a time crunch to grow my hair out so of course it feels like it is taking forever. I'm losing my patience. If any of you have tips for making your hair grow faster, I'm willing to try just about anything!

The week is half over already! I hope you're having a great week Ladies!




I know I'm incredibly behind but I have a new found obsession with the tv show Lost.

I didn't watch the show when it started. Then, I felt I was too far behind to start watching it. So, now I'm spending any free moment I have watching the show. So thankful for Netflix Instant Queue. I'm currently almost finished with Season 2. Shit is going down! I try to figure things out, only to find out I was totally wrong.

This was on my 30 by 30 list so I'm happy to say I'm working on checking something off the list.

Were any of you totally obsessed with this show when it was actually on the air? I don't think I could deal if I had to wait a week (or more in some cases) for the next episode. My mind is pretty much blown right now and I had to stop watching because HIMYM is coming on. If I had it my way, I would take a week off of work and I would sit in my room watching episode after episode. Sad? Maybe.

Do any of you have a show that you discovered after it wrapped then became addicted to? I'm pretty sure when this is over I'll need something else to consume my life!

Happy Tuesday Dolls!



Relaxing weekend

I hoped the weekend would go as slowly as the work week did and I'm happy to say my wish came true. I had a very relaxing weekend. It was so nice!! My mom and I did some shopping for our jewelry on Friday. Which also resulted in me buying this...

So hilarious!! The Blu-Ray combo packs are the bomb! Seriously, a blu-ray disc, dvd disc and digital copy for $22. Thank you Target! I called the Sister and gave her the code for the digital copy. She's bored in TN so it will give her something to do! I'm giving Jenn the dvd copy b/c why do I need two copies of the same movie?

During the drive home Friday night my mom thought it was appropriate to tell me creepy stories about things that will make me afraid to stay home alone. Thanks for that!

Ok, I'm totally team Braxton Miller!

He totally stepped up this weekend. I'm going to need to see more of that because the schedule is definitely going to get tougher!! Plus, he's a Dayton native so I have much love for the kid!

How was your weekend? I hope you all had a fabulous time! Let's get ready for another work week.



Friday Favorites!

I was almost certain that Wednesday was Friday. You can imagine how disappointed I was. Needless to say this week has been moving at a turtle's pace and I'm glad the weekend is in sight! I can only hope the weekend moves as slowly as the week did. I would like to savor every minute of it.

I struggled with what to post as my Friday Favorites this week. I couldn't think of any new products that I wanted to share. The thing is, last week I had a ton of ideas and I somehow cannot remember them. I wrote them down knowing this would happen and wouldn't you know, I can't find the list. So frustrating! So, I'm starting from scratch and I looked to my Pinterest boards for ideas.

I've mentioned on many occasions that I'm growing my hair out. I thought I'd share a little hair inspiration with you.

I hope to have it a little longer than this by the wedding in February. But, at the rate I'm going it might not happen. I love the color too...however I'm TERRIFIED to change my hair color. On more than one occasion I have chopped 8+ inches off of my hair without batting an eye but the thought of changing my color makes me 12 kinds of nervous. I don't think I can pull off lighter hair. For now, we'll just aim for the length.


I have an overwhelming urge to watch The Wonder Years. It has been driving me crazy for months! I need to find it and make it happen!

Almost Famous. Probably one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME. Look at how young Kate was. Sadly, I don't even have this on DVD, it's a VHS tape and I have nothing to watch it on. Totally showing my age with that one! I need to buy it on Blu-Ray. 

I really don't think it's normal that our generation has watched movies on three different forms. I get really annoyed when I have to rebuild my movie collection each time a new device comes out. Let's hope Blu-Ray sticks around for a while!

What is your favorite movie?? 

Make this weekend a good one Dolls!



Gotta have my fix...

Of coffee that is! I thought I'd share some of my fav new flavors with you guys!

The first 3 are all from Green Mountain Coffee.

I had this yesterday morning. AMAZEBALLS!

I was skeptical but it seriously tasted like a blueberry muffin and the house smells like a bakery! Delicious! 

This is just plain awesome. The fact that it's being discontinued is pretty much devastating. Jenn doesn't like to talk about it. We hope they change their minds!

I don't like coconut but for some reason this Wolfgang Puck coffee hits the spot! 

I also have Apple Caramel Pie by Van Houtte but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. Should be interesting!! Do any of you use a Keurig? If so, what are some of your favorite flavors? I love trying something new. I could really have a list a mile long of all of the ones I like.

Happy Thursday Dolls! I hope you have a fabulous day...it's almost the weekend!




Who got their Missoni dress in the mail yesterday ----> This Girl! I of course had to try it on right away. It was incredibly comfortable. I realized it looked better belted. I look even shorter than normal without something breaking up the middle. Thankfully, I bought that fab pale pink belt a few weeks ago. It's PERFECT. Here are a few pics for ya!

My bangs are atrocious. Don't judge! The growing out process is a bitch.

I figured you needed it from all angles! I just happened to be wearing the grey tights yesterday and they look pretty cute with it. I envisioned my cream ones but I think I just added a few more options to this dress! I'll post a real OOTD when I wear the dress.

Happy Wednesday Dolls!



My special order has finally arrived!

I mentioned during my last shopping trip that I had purchased something else but you had to wait until it came in. Well...it's FINALLY here. I bought this little beauty for myself!

It's a ruby which is my birthstone. I have a ruby ring from my parents but it's on a gold band and I don't really wear it. So, I decided after months years of debating what to get to just take the plunge. I was really lucky because there was a Labor Day sale going on so I got it for a great price!

I have been wearing a tanzanite ring since college and have repeatedly lost stones out of it. This happened again a couple of weeks before I bought this one. So, that was kind of the deciding factor.

I'm really happy with it. As Laura would say, it's just a little girl power! Happy Tuesday Dolls!!



Gigi's Cupcakes

I meant to blog about Gigi's Cupcakes last week after we enjoyed many different cupcakes because they are absolutely UH.MAZING. But, this is actually a more fitting day to discuss it. Their new Fall menu finally gets released today.

Here are the simply delicious cupcakes I shared with my family. We basically just all got forks and dug in!

The one on the left is Funky Monkey (banana nut bread cake with chocolate chips, peanut butter buttercream icing with chocolate and peanut butter drizzle) and Merry Margarita (does that even need an explanation??)

White Midnight Magic (dark chocolate cake with chocolate chips, white cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips) and Strawberry Shortcake (white cake baked with fresh strawberries topped with strawberry buttercream frosting with red sugar crystals)

Wedding Cake (white cake topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and sprinkled with white nonpareils) and Carrot Cake (carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting and green sugar crystals)

Seriously, look at the size of that thing! This is why we shared. I was not disappointed in a single one of them. The Strawberry Shortcake is fantastic. I love anything strawberry.

Some of the new ones I'm looking forward to: Canadian Maple (give me anything with bacon on it), Butterscotch, English Toffee, Nodini Cannoli, Raspberries and Cream, Cherry Swirl, Walnut Sugar Maple...basically all of them!

If there is a Gigi's near you...go NOW. You will not regret your decision. Cupcakes are made on certain days so check the schedule of your local store before you go. Oh and the best part is the online ordering. You can place your order and they will have it ready for you. I love anything that makes my life easier!

So begins another week. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!



Friday Favorites

Wooohooo! It's Friday Ladies! So glad it's finally here. It's been a long week and I'm ready for the weekend! Friday nights in the Fall = football season. So, Friday Night Lights it is. We're road tripping to an away game tonight. Thankfully, Jenn has a minivan. She is such a soccer Mom! :) So, we're packing the "Loser Cruiser" down and heading to the game. We may or may not watch movies and pretend to be one of the kids. Give me a wireless headset and I'm ready to go! It's been a chilly couple of days so I'll probably be wearing a version of this...

This picture might look familiar to some of you. (It used to be on my header before I did the re-vamp.) The bestie and I took this last football season. I'm pretty this was towards the end of the season when a hat is a necessity not during Week 4 when we should still be able to get by without gloves and scarves. However, I'll be bringing it with me tonight for sure! Or a variation of this Ralph Lauren one. I have A LOT of hats, gloves and scarves. I might be cold but you better believe I'm accessorized!  

Fall weather makes me crave one of many things...PUMPKIN. I made this delicious Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle last year for our Thanksgiving carry in. It was a hit. So delicious!! I might need to bring that out again this year!

One more thing that makes me think of Fall...my dark nail polishes. My go to is Lincoln Park After Dark . Mrs. O'Learly's BBQ is another favorite! I can't wait to start wearing my favorite dark shades. You know you'll be getting pictures of them so don't worry!

What are your favorite things about Fall? Do you have a favorite dark polish that you look forward to wearing every year when the seasons change?

Well Dolls, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Enjoy the football games. I know I'll be on my couch with my jersey on and ready for some Buckeye football on Saturday!



Pinterest inspired..

I finally did something I've pinned on Pinterest. It didn't turn out great but it's not bad for my first try.

I rushed this. Which I shouldn't have done. I was trying to watch the finale of Big Brother and it got a little messy. The purple is thicker than I had anticipated. I probably should have practiced a little bit more before I did it. All in all, it's cute and I'll leave it for a couple of days. *Please ignore my atrocious cuticles. I need a legit manicure...in the worst way! I've been handling a lot of paper lately and my fingers are getting dry and cracking. NOT COOL. I hope to give my nails/cuticles a little attention this weekend. 

I found this yesterday on Pinterest and I died! I have been looking for matte polish every where I go. To think that I could just put a matte top coat on colors I already have...AMAZING. I will be finding this ASAP. I have some great colors that are just dying to be transformed into a matte finish! Has anyone tried this?? I need to know if works like they say it does!

The clouds were weird this morning and i had to take a photo. To the right was a total sheet of clouds then it just stopped. 

 I took a pic with my Instragram app as well! 

It's a cold gloomy day in Ohio today. It was 46 degrees this morning!! I hope to see a little sunshine on my way home today. 

Have any of you tried anything on Pinterest? Is there a nail technique you're in love with?

Happy Thursday Dolls! The weekend is almost here...YAY!!



If you don't know about these things, you should...

My favorite fellow fashionista Crystal introduced me to 6pm.com and I am now officially obsessed. I feel like I will most definitely find my new brown riding boots there. Check it out..you won't be sorry!!

Who went bat shit crazy over Missoni for Target yesterday? This girl did. I felt like a crack addict waiting for a fix. I wanted everything. If ever a collection could make me want to change my bedroom this is it. I've had various comforters but the same paint for years. It's my beach paradise. I LOVE it. But, those bold Missoni prints made me want to change everything! I had a skirt and a dress in my cart. The skirt sold out so I panicked, of course. I QUICKLY grabbed my wallet and purchased the most amazing dress.

The Target site is still so bogged down that I had to steal a picture of it from another site. I would love for you to see it without the scarf, etc. But, this is the best I could do! This is the greatest thing since Stella McCartney hit H&M. Thankfully, I have my very own Missoni and I'm the happiest girl on the planet!

Finally, my cousin gave me the most amazing sea salt scrub and body wash for my birthday. She is an Arbonne consultant and let me tell you the stuff is thebomb.com. No joke. My legs shine after I use it. Who needs MK leg shine when you can use some yummy smelling scrub! I linked her FB page above. Check it out. It's all natural goodness. I will def be buying some scrubs for exchange gifts this holiday season! Who doesn't love a little pampering every now and then?

So excited it's Wednesday. I was wishing for the weekend on Monday. I know I know, that is no way to go into a work week but last weekend kind of sucked and I needed another day! I hope your hump day is fabulous!



TV Flashback.

I stumbled upon this yesterday...

Oh JTT...how you've grown up! I guess I shouldn't be surprised. We are almost the same age so you turning 30 shouldn't shock me! Can we have a Home Improvement reunion episode?

This made me think of some of my other favorite tv shows growing up...

Boy Meets World

Oh Clarissa...I loved your bedroom.

I wanted nothing more than to be on Double Dare (or GUTS of Legends of the Hidden Temple).

Who remembers DJ and her eating disorder? 2 minutes on a stair stepper then weighing herself and wondering why she didn't lose any weight. I LOVED this show.

I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so....Scared. (tears.) I desperately wanted to hang at The Max

Who watches Tia and Tamara's new reality show? I've seen a few episodes and it takes me back to this.

There are so many more. Blossom, Family Matters, Growing Pains, The Wonder Years, Hey Dude. I know there are so many I'm forgetting. I think I need to do some research on Netflix so I can get my fix! What are your favorite tv shows from your childhood? I would give anything for some TGIF right now. Happy Tuesday Ladies!



Weekend Re-Cap

Well my weekend consisted of a lot of football and working at a festival. I would prefer to watch more football. I don't mind going to festivals every now and then but working them is not my cup of tea. We did sell some jewelry though. So, I can't be too upset about it.

These guys gave me a minor heart attack on Saturday.

I'm pretty sure I can't handle many more games like that so let's not do it again...ok?!

Saturday night was spent watching the ND v. Michigan game with some great friends. Even though those friends are Michigan fans. It was great game! 3 TD's in 1:12. I wish the outcome was reversed but it was still a great game to watch. 

I missed the Cincinnati/Cleveland game because of that stupid festival but apparently my boys pulled out the win. I was prepared for a zero win season so I was pleasantly surprised!!

In other news, my poor puppy has pink eye. It's seriously the saddest thing, EVER. Thankfully, one of my oldest friends is a Vet so I texted her last night with my poor boys symptoms. We were doing everything right and if it doesn't get any better by tomorrow he has to go to the doctor. Poor thing. He likes to hide inside this octagon shaped table. Coop is a 110 lb black lab. He DOES NOT fit but he crams himself in there. He hides when he has an ear infection because he knows we'll clean them. So, he has been living in this table all weekend. Last night, we took the table into the spare bedroom. He was devastated but his ears finally got cleaned. We're going to leave it this way for a few days so we can get the ear infection under control. The poor guy is feeling really crummy!

Here is my Coopie under the table. How cute is that face?!?

Well, I hope everyone is ready for a new work week! Happy Monday Dolls!



Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Dolls! I'm currently sitting in a computer lab reading a book trying not to fall asleep! I have 3 things for you this week.

I've raved about Chobani Yogurt before but the Dannon Oikos has them beat in my opinion. Seriously the most delicious greek yogurt I've ever had.

The North Face Jacket needs to make an appearance. Mainly because I had to bust it out this week. It's my go to jacket. I absolutely love it.

A lovely med student sent our Residency Coordinator a basket of chocolates this week. This little treat was included. Let me tell you...SO FREAKING DELICIOUS. If you want some chocolate, I highly recommend you get this!

Jenn and I will be sitting at a football game tonight. I have a feeling the games are going to start getting cold so I'll appreciate the 60-70 degree weather while we have it! Have a great weekend Dolls!