What would you do if...

Do you ever play the game, what would you do if you won the lottery? With the Powerball being so high, I feel compelled to play. I had a dream once that I won the lottery. My sister was home in my dream so I always play when she is in town. It could happen, right?! People win the lottery every day, why not me?

My dad and I love to discuss what we would do if we won. We've decided we would get on the first flight to somewhere tropical and then decide our plan from there. The sensible person in me would definitely pay off everything for my family. I would pay off my grandparents house and cars as well. They do so much for everyone else and I would give them ANYTHING they asked for. After all of that, I would have some fun! I would definitely get a hot car. Take several vacays with my girls. Shopping sprees with my besties.

The options are endless! I would also find some awesome hobby to pass the time. I would definitely donate money to charity too. There's no need to be totally selfish about it. Especially if you have that much money! Here's to hoping that we win the lottery!

Happy Thursday Loves!



  1. I always thought if I had a crap-ton (metric) of money, I'd reward people for being decent human beings. You held the door open for that elderly woman? Here, have $100. You allowed me to go in front of you at the grocery because I had only a few items? Here, let me buy your groceries.

  2. You are so sweet! I love that you would first give money to your family.. and THEN yourself! I think I would do the same, and then travel.. to Italy and Portugal and stay in fancy hotels :)

  3. My best friend and I have this dream of taking an open-ended trip to Europe. Going anywhere we want to go and staying as long as we feel like staying. Of course, I would need to win the lottery in order to do this! But, fancy hotels, amazing food, great wine and beautiful scenery. That's the ultimate dream!