Sephora (again) and OOTD

I ended up with another Sephora run on Friday. I came home with a foundation sample instead of buying anything. But, I'll get to that. First up, my OOTD from Friday.

Cooper really wanted to be in the picture or maybe he was just trying to get into my bedroom.

Cardigan: Gap
Tank: Express
Trousers: New York and Co
Shoes: Shoe Carnival
Watch: Invicta

These are the bracelets I was wearing and a few of my favorite creations. 

My Coopie. How cute is he?! I love those Big Brown Eyes!

Now, on to my Sephora purchases. I had a nice chat with Marisa. She actually went through the same breakout situation I am going through. So, we discussed what I should do, make-up wise, to help the situation. She sent me home with a sample of foundation. It's expensive. Definitely much more than I would spend but she wanted me to try it to see how I felt about it. I had pretty specific needs and covering my breakouts was one of them. I don't want the make-up to make it worse either. I will be heading back to Sephora this weekend with my decision on the product. Here are the things I actually purchased.

This eyelash curler rocked my world. The sample mascara is pretty awesome too. 

You've already heard me rave about this. It's the only eye makeup remover I'll use.

I tend to run on the warm side. I needed something to keep the sweat glow under control. The mineral matte touch up powder is on sale right now for $9. It is sheer. So you can put it over your makeup and not have an issue. It really did take the shine away. When I go back, I'm buying another one to keep in my purse. Not kidding. I love it that much already.

I'm sure I'll be running out of this soon. Why not pick up another one!

Here is the sample I got. Yeah...it's Dior. That should give you an idea of what we're talking about. The name is right on. It really did feel like my skin. I felt like I just put moisturizer on. It's pretty awesome. I don't use a lot of liquid foundation so I think this will last me a while. I have a feeling I'll be purchasing it on Friday. I think it's ok to splurge on things for yourself if it's going to make you feel good. So, I'm ok with it!!

I bought these at Gap. I've been looking for a good pair of white skinny jeans. Luckily they were on sale for $29.99 with 40% off. You really can't beat that. I know Summer is nearly over and I won't be able to wear them but don't think I won't take them to Key West this Winter. Call me a rebel. But, I'll wear white pants after Labor Day if I'm in a tropical environment!

Sunday was my friend Rickey's son's birthday. They had an awesome pool party and it totally wore me out. Playing in a pool with  4 kids is exhausting! It was so much fun though! How was your weekend?  I hope you had a great time!



  1. Next time you go out on one of these sprees, pleas pick me up one of everything you purchase for yourself. K? Thanks!

  2. Next time you're back in the U.S. we must go on a Sephora run together!