Reagan and Tristan Turn 3!

Ok, these adorable babies turned 3 last week. I think they are at such a fun age. They were so excited about all of their gifts. I think they are seriously the cutest things, maybe I’m biased because they’re family. But, they are the sweetest little girls. Such delicate little voices and so well behaved. I love them! Reagan is the feisty one. Tristan is more calm and mild mannered.

They actually loved getting clothes! So adorable!

Of course Reagan would be the one to take a bite out of the cake!

Tristan double fisting it!

I mean really…does it get cuter than this?

I thought this was hilarious. The boys are exhausted and using the new balls as ottomans.

So that was the birthday party. Nothing fancy just some family fun!

Happy Wednesday Dolls!


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