OOTD and something worth sharing.

Well I originally had pictures on here of my OOTD yesterday. But, now they've disappeared. Very strange! So, I guess I'll attempt it again tomorrow.  The rest of my post is here though. I'll just leave you with that.

Just a little background info first. My sister has a friend that lost her husband in Afghanistan. She is an unbelievably strong young woman. Josh Gracin (former American Idol contestant) and Sears held the Heroes at Home National Song contest. Seana entered with the story of her husband and won. So, Josh Gracin wrote a song inspired by their story. It's called Can't Say Goodbye. The video is emotional...I'm preparing you! I cry at anything so of course I sobbed. I think knowing that she is a friend of my sister's and they're stationed at the same base makes it hit home a little bit more. I just wanted to share it with you. Honestly, if you didn't see the video you could think the song was about any number of things. He made it relatable to everyone.

I don't mean to leave on such a somber note! I know that I've been kind of grumpy lately and sometimes you just need to realize that it could be worse. Happy Wednesday Ladies!


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