OOTD and a general annoyance

An OOTD two days in a row. I'm sure you're so excited!!

Top: New York and Co.
Vest: New York and Co.
Trousers: New York and Co.
Shoes: Shoe Carnival
Bracelets: Mine

Can I share an annoyance with you Ladies? I'm aware that both my first and last name could be either a first or last name. I've been dealing with it my entire life. I even proved a point in high school when a rude substitute teacher kept calling me by my last name and I refused to answer. She gave me attitude for not answering her and I told her I would answer if she actually called me by my first name. I don't answer to Allison just like you wouldn't answer if someone said Smith. Back to my annoyance, my email address at work is first name.last name just like everyone else at the university. So, please tell me why people address my emails to Allison. I have a signature on my emails with my FULL name, title, address, etc. I get particularly annoyed when people respond to my email addressing me as Allison because I have signed their email with my name. It's right in front of them. It takes EVERY ounce of my being not to write them back addressing them as their last name or just writing MY NAME IS LINDSEY. IF YOU WANT A PROPER RESPONSE YOU SHOULD PROBABLY THINK ABOUT CALLING ME BY MY FIRST NAME NEXT TIME.

Please tell me some of you have a similar problem! Am I totally out of line for being so annoyed by this?? The woman that did it yesterday is a fellow coordinator. We communicate fairly consistently. I have known her since my 3rd day on the job. Get.It.Together.

One final thought...how could Bachelor Pad leave the episode like that this week. The abrupt ending made me so mad! They had been leading up to that rose ceremony then we don't get to see anyone get in the limo. Come on Bachelor Pad. That just pisses people off!

Happy Wednesday Dolls!



  1. I'm hoping I'll be able to get people to stop calling me McKenzie once I marry Bobby.

    Although thanks to the movie "A Christmas Story" I'm more likely to be called "SCHWARTZ!"

  2. Also...before I did my name change my last name was Howard. I got my SAT scores back and the report was addressed to Howard Megan. I'm not sure if I put the wrong names in the wrong places or if they did.