Fun in the Sun

Well the bikini I mentioned here has been delivered. I'm in love. So comfy. So cute. The lime green is brighter than expected but I think that makes me love it more. I'm ready to test it out. I'm even more ready for Key West...only 7 months (UGH!).

I bought these beauties on Hautelook.com yesterday. I couldn't resist. There were so many to choose from. Ms. Crystal and I were tweeting back and forth about them. Fashion Soulmates...For realz. I should probably give her a shout out for finding my white skinny jeans for me! If it ever cools down, I'll be wearing them! The pic on Hautelook was tiny so I had to find other resources. You can buy this pair on ebay! I then went back and ordered another pair for my sister. What can I say...I'm pretty awesome like that!

That's all I got on this lovely Thursday. Who's ready for the weekend?? You know this girl is! 


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