Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Dolls! Let's start this Friday with the Kardashians. If I could pick one family to be a part of, it would would be the Kardashians!

The Kardashian Kollection has officially been launched at Sears. I am DYING for some of their shoes. I need those knee high boots and black pumps in my closet. I have to pick up a bridesmaids dress tonight so I might have to stop by Sears on my way home!

Project Runway...another guilty pleasure. I will be watching this week's episode during my lunch break today. I love Heidi and Michael. They're designing for Nina this week and I couldn't be more excited! (Who else read about Michael getting married to his long-time partner?!?! I'm so happy for him!!)

Finally, I made my first necklace. Actually, it's my second. The first was HIDEOUS. So, this one is much better!

These are the colors of my bedroom. I love anything "beachy". I'm pretty proud of this! I think it's prettier in person.

Have a great weekend Ladies!!


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