Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday Ladies! I hope you all had a fabulous week! This weekend I'm going to see this with my bestie.

We both read the book and have been dying to see the movie. It will be some nice girl time! We of course plan to stop here first...

We will surely attempt to smuggle it into the theater. Girls, it's been done before! Don't put anything past us!

Ok this rocked my world yesterday. I definitely needed a late afternoon pick me up. It was so right on. I decided some late 90's boy bands would do the trick. So, the lovely Pandora hooked me up with BSB, NSYNC, 98 Degrees, BBMak, Britney, Christina, Savage Garden and Enrique. It was exactly what I needed. Let me tell you those last 2 hours flew by! I plan to enjoy some more of this today.

What is your go to music when you need a pick me up or the day is dragging? 

Well, Dolls have a fab weekend. I really do plan to clean my car this time. I'm embarrassed by it! I'm also getting my hair colored because I'm looking a hot mess! 


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