Friday Favorites

HAPPY FRIDAY LADIES! I have plans with my cousin tonight. We have a few things to discuss and work on, so this means we'll be drinking wine and probably ordering the best taco pizza I have ever had. If you ever go to Little York Tavern in Dayton, you MUST try it.

My favorites include the things I purchased Wednesday night. Yes, it's true...I went shopping, AGAIN. I might have a problem. But, I did have some bday money and gift cards to spend and there were sales at the Outlet Mall! So, here's what I purchased. All things I'm completely obsessed with!

These comfy little knee length Under Armour sweats were only $9. 

Buying jeans for me is a task. Typically, it's a separate shopping trip all together. I decided to try some at Banana Republic. They actually fit, I was so EXCITED. Their petite section is my favorite of any store I shop at. So, if you're tiny like me you should try it out. The entire BR outlet store was 40% off. It took a lot of strength to not go crazy in there!

American Eagle black jeggings. $12. Yep, that's right...another great sale! I've been dying for black skinny jeans. These are perfect.

Perfect taupe thin belt from J Crew. I'm pretty sure it was only $8. Another great find!

Ok...the grand finale! This is by far my favorite purchase. In Jenn's words, "if you don't buy that, you're stupid". Gotta love a best friend's honesty! I don't have a basic little black dress. I have a cotton dress but it's not very versatile. I died when I saw this, it's also from BR. 

The waist hits me at the perfect spot and is incredibly flattering. I got a 2P. I didn't want it to be too tight around the arms. Oh and notice the pockets! I love a dress or skirt with pockets. I plan to wear this on Tuesday. I don't want to waste it on a day when no one will see it. Do any of you make sure to wear a great outfit when you know it will be seen? I have students on Tuesdays so I'll definitely get the most out of it!

Have a great weekend Dolls! I plan to give my car a good cleaning. The girl needs some attention!


P.S. Did you notice that my bedding matches my new background? I might be obsessed with that color scheme.


  1. 1) LOVE all the new finds especially those sweats!!

    2) Those recipes listed below - mouth watering even at 9 AM! haha

    Happy friday!


  2. Sarah,
    The sweats are the BOMB! If you find a pair, you must buy them.

    My mouth still waters over those recipes. I'm thinking of making the corn salad again (because it was that good) and I'll probably throw some black beans in the mix.

  3. I love love love the jeans and the dress you have shown. The sweats look so comfty too.