You've found my weakness

Why do I belong to every sample sale site imaginable? Ms. Crystal and I had this discussion via her FB wall yesterday. This resulted in her buying a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses. We're mildly obsessed. When I see Tom Ford 75% off I feel like I should buy it because it's such a good deal. I know this is crazy talk but it's true! I have A LOT of restraint. I've only made one purchase so far.

E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y. I check Gilt, Hautelook, Beyond the Rack, Rue La La. Seriously, there are probably more. You never know when you'll find that watch you've been dying over (ahem...MK Gold Watch...) or a pair of designer jeans so discounted that you feel like you are stealing them.

Please tell me some of you are addicted to sample sale sites too! It will really make me feel better about things.

In other news, my precious brother and I had this conversation last night. (For non-iPhone users he is white and I'm green)

Leave it to a little brother to make you feel older than you already do!
Happy Wednesday Dolls!



  1. Awww so sweet!

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