Weekend Update

Shopping on Friday was a HUGE success. I'm going to leave my Sephora purchases for tomorrow because it would seriously be photo overload.

I don't know if you ladies wear as many camis as I do but I need to get new ones every few months. The best deal around...FOREVER 21. They are $2.80 a piece. So, I got the staples.

I love love love my aviators but they bend easily so I don't like to put them in my purse. That's where I keep my $6 Forever 21 pair. They get tossed around and beat up and it doesn't matter. I was due for a new pair. 

Adorbs new black skirt. It's the softest thing ever. Definitely needed during the heat waves we've been having! It's F21 too. I can't resist a $12 skirt.

I DIED for this. I love anything with polka dots or a bow. This has both. The pale blue brings a new color to my wardrobe! (F21)

The bow that ties at the neck. LOVE. (*Not pictured the white eyelet maxi I NEEDED for Key West. That was until I tried it on and it was see thru. I was totally bummed. But, Jenn and I got a huge laugh at my striped underwear. You could seriously see EVERYTHING. Who would buy that??)

Denim trousers. New York and Co...so comfortable!!

Yogurt Mountain. You have forever changed my life. Jenn and I started out very conservative then it got out of hand. I'm surprised we didn't throw up after our absurd concoctions. Peanut Butter Fingers, I'm looking at you! I understand your obsession!! I need more...right now!

Saturday, we spent the day at my Aunt's pool. We had a meet the family day with my cousin's future in-laws. It was a success! I will have some recipe posts later this week also! The most eventful thing that happened yesterday was my razor breaking. How does that happen?!?! 

Oh Well, Happy Monday Dolls! Let's make it a good week!


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