Weekend Re-Cap

Well we're all back to work after a long weekend. I always think I will feel so rested after a long weekend but I end up cramming so much stuff into it that I need another day to recover. But, it's Tuesday...my BUSY day. So, with the help of my Keurig, I'm powering thru!! I figured I would do a weekend re-cap in photos.

Friday night I made this. I'm pretty proud of it. I'm wearing it today and I have ideas for many many more!! I made a sliver version as well. 

I watched some of these on Saturday night after spending the day with my dad's family at my aunt's pool. It was a great day of relaxation and cocktails. 

Ms. Chloe thought she wanted to come outside during the fireworks. I guarantee that would not have ended well. So, we left her inside and this is what we saw thru the french doors

Sunday I was back at my aunt's house swimming but Monday I chose to stay in my backyard. There was a nice breeze so I didn't really need the water to cool me off. I spent a little time with my iPod and InStyle magazine. It was a relaxing way to spend my afternoon. 

Do any of you feel like you need another day off after a long weekend? I hope you enjoyed yourselves! I'm so happy this is a shortened week!


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