Sephora purchases!

There are quite a few of these. Prepare yourself!

I've mentioned this eye cream before. It's my fav!

My birthday gift. Birthday Cake body wash. 

Smashbox Soft Lights in Shimmer.

Only Gold For Me Topcoat

Benefit variety pack. Bene tint, High Beam, Posie tint. I've been wanting to try high beam FOREVER and I've been thinking about trying a cheek tint so I figured this was a good option. Only $15 for all three. You can find this in the little bins in the check out line. So far, I'm LOVING high beam! The tint scares me a little bit. I need to play around with it. I'll keep you posted.

I bought this fan brush to apply my Smashbox Soft Lights.

The battle for clearer skin is an ongoing battle. Currently, I'm having issues again. I thought this was worth a shot. This thing on my chin must have 9 lives. Nothing will kill it! I'm trying to be patient!

The reasons for my purchases...PINK LOU LOU of course! :) I have read a ton about high beam. I saw her post about it and then, I saw her tutorial. It sold me. So, of course I had to get the Smashbox Soft Lights to go over it. I already wear NARS Orgasm Blush so I was well on my way. I didn't have a fan brush which means I had to buy that too! I'm posting an OOTD tomorrow, you'll get to see the fab gold sparkle topcoat. I'm hooked!

Have any of you made any great beauty purchases lately?? Have a fantastic Tuesday Ladies!



  1. Oh the glitter nail polish is amazing! You must post pictures!

  2. They had a multi-color also. But, it didn't have the large pieces of glitter too. So, I passed. Even though I will probably go back and get it!