In a fit of nostalgia I've decided to blog about my 2 OU besties today. You've met Rennie. I've talked about Jill a few times. These two are the loves of my life, my partners in crime, my bff's and my fellow L-Cubers.

Side Note: A drunk DB called us lesbians as we were stumbling walking home from the bars the week before classes started Senior year. It evolved into us saying we were lesbians cubed which was then shortened to L-Cubed. For some reason it stuck. Our other friends caught on. Since we were inseparable, I guess it was easier to refer to us at one entity instead of Jill, Lindsey and Rennie. And so, L-Cubed was formed.

First up Jill, I've known her longer. We lived on the same floor Freshman year...MacKinnon 4th Floor!! But, you see...we weren't friends. We chatted occasionally in the bathroom about braces and retainers. I got my braces off Senior year of HS. So, I was still very much in a serious retainer routine during the early years of college. Jill still had her braces at that time. Then, we lived on the same floor Sophomore year...Scott Quad 3rd Floor! Again, we were acquaintances but not besties. By the end of our Junior year were friends. That is about the time her and Rennie became close. (They were both in the Pre-Law Fraternity.) The summer before Senior year set our friendship in motion. The 3 of us are all young. We turned 21 that summer and couldn't wait to get back to Athens and finally enjoy Court St.

Rennie and I met the very first day of class Sophomore year. One of her good friends from home also lived on my floor Freshman year so he introduced us. Ren transferred from Ohio State and apparently Carcy thought we would be fast friends. He's a smart man! We clicked instantly. I remember thinking we are so much alike. It was crazy. We took Human Bio together and then had Sung Ho Kim for a Political Science class. That man was interesting to say the least, so we definitely bonded during that experience. Ren and I still say the relationship between the two of us is the best one we've ever been in.

Senior Year...we look like babies!


Standard NYE pic.

Watching my Reds beat their Indians in Cleveland. If sports won't divide us, I don't know what will!

We've all grown up a lot over the past few years. I couldn't imagine my college experience without them. I know, no matter what, I could call them in the middle of the night and they would rush to be by my side. (Well...that's a little hard for Ren at the moment. Stupid Poland. See you in MONTH love!)

Dolls, I hope you all have ladies like this in your life!


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