I might freak out...maybe.

I'm all out of witty things to say today. Let's blame it on the fact that we have 1 week to get everything ready for the next academic year. 1 WEEK! We aren't ready...I'm stressing. That is also probably why I have a ginormous zit on my chin. For realz...I spent several additional minutes covering it up the past 2 days. The bitch hurts! Grrr. Do any of you have a magic treatment for something like this. I would like it gone ASAP.

I've been making A LOT of lists. My poor planner doesn't know what hit it. As previously mentioned, I keep a separate work planner. No need to clutter the Lilly up with boring work stuff. I leave that for the good things.

I used 4 separate pieces of scrap paper yesterday. Seriously! Granted one of those was my Sephora list for Friday. I thought of the things I needed and had to write them down. But, yeah that's a lot of lists. Thankfully, I have enough sharpies and Papermate colored pens to make everything color coded. Just like my Outlook Calendar.

Yep...that's my life this week. Lots of meetings and exams. Thank god I have no students next week. I get to meet with my lovely coordinators today. We always have fun at our meetings. So, I'm excited to see them. I might be more excited about my cobb salad from Panera. Ok, I'm drooling. Is it noon yet?

Happy Thursday Dolls!


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