I have Jimmy Buffett songs in my head.

I need a vacation in the worst way. I feel like I have lost all motivation. By vacation, I mean sitting on the beach with Jimmy Buffett playing in the background while I sip some kind of girly drink with an umbrella in it. I need the kind of vacation that requires me to stay in a bikini with a big floppy hat on my head. I need to do nothing. Do any of you ever get in this kind of funk? When you think the only thing that might cure it is to have some sand between your toes?

Sadly, my next vacation is in February. Granted it will be on the beach, with sand in between my toes, cocktails in hand and a big floppy hat. There will also be a wedding. A fabulous wedding on a boat. After the wedding, I plan to spend 4 days doing NOTHING. In my mind, I deserve this. I just wish it wasn't so freaking far away. I feel like I'm wishing my favorite season away so that it will get here sooner. But, god knows I don't want the winter months to return. If I'm in a funk now, how will I feel when it's freezing and there is snow on the ground. The thought of that makes me gag.

So, in my attempt to put a smile on my face. I'm going to share some Mexican paradise pictures with you. These are from the best vacation I have ever been on. One of them is the desktop picture on my work computer.

Swim up bar. AMAZEBALLS. See that elevated area right by the edge of the pool (it's trimmed in yellow)? It was about a 1 foot under water, so you could just lay there all day long. 

Gorgeous, right??

More pools.

I stare at this everyday at work.

All I want is to be sitting under one of these tiki huts. 

We stayed at the Grand Sirenis Hotel in the Riveria Maya, Mexico. I highly recommend it. The spa was amazing too!! 

What was your favorite vacation? Do you sit and day dream about it sometimes? I do!!


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