Friday Favorites!

Yay..It's Friday!!! I'll be meeting some of my OU friends in Cincinnati this weekend to celebrate. Unfortunately, one of my friends has a trial starting Monday and has to work thru the weekend in order to prepare. Booo to the life of a lawyer. I mean I did see him 2 weeks ago so I guess it's ok. I'm sure I'll have a blast with the rest of the OU crew and a few hometown friends as well! On to my favorites!

The bestie got me all of these fabulous things for my birthday! New Lilly planner, Safari OPI collection from Sephora, the ADORABLE Ohio Starbucks mug and of course some skinny cow treats. She knows me so well!

I had this yummy guy earlier this week and I'm officially obsessed. It was unbelievably delicious and very filling. YUM!! By the way, I found it in the organic section at Kroger.

I should have NEVER parked at the Macy's entrance to the mall. You are practically forced to walk thru the shoe department and the HUGE Coach display. Of course, the Sperry's are right on the corner and these caught my eye. I'm trying to convince my Mom to buy them for me for my birthday. We'll see how that goes. I might just have to break down and by them myself! I'm in Love!!

Well Ladies, that's all I have! Enjoy your weekend and I'll report back on Monday about all of my birthday fun!



  1. gah! did the new lilly planners come in?!?! last I checked they weren't selling the Aug11-Dec12 ones yet! ohhh...can't wait to go order my new one now!

  2. Jes, they JUST came in! Jenn had to stalk the customer service lady. I guess she ordered it but it didn't say it was unavailable so she has been waiting for a while! They come with stickers. I was so excited!