Friday Favorites!

Yay for a 4 Day work week!! I'm actually excited for next week because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Some of my favorite Bobcats and good friends from HS are helping me celebrate next weekend. I might be counting down the days! I'm sure you'll hear more about that next week. On to my favorites....

This is the Hopkins fam. They left me for 10 days to hang out on the beach. Who does such a thing?!?! I need my bestie back. She returns this weekend. I'm in DESPERATE need of an Sbux date and gossip.

I'm behind the trend. I know I know. I've been meaning try the Skinny Girl Margarita but I just hadn't gotten around to it...until last weekend. As previously mentioned, I have a girl crush on Bethenny Frankel so I was almost certain I would be a fan. Thanks for my new fav low cal adult bev, Bethenny!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this lotion! I don't like using scented lotions and by scented lotions I mean things from Bath and Body Works, etc. I would prefer to use my perfume. If I know I'm going to be outside, I try to forgo anything scented. If there is a mosquito in the vicinity it will bite me. So, limiting the fruity/floral smelling lotions, etc can only help my cause! This is super moisturizing and doesn't leave me sticky. Win! I like several of the Vaseline lotions. I think you will be happy with any of them!

There ya have it Dolls! Have a fantastic weekend!


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